Training Tips to Gain Distance On Your Run

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When it comes to gaining distance on your run, first evaluate your starting point. Someone that is new or starting to run again should consider starting off small. A veteran, however, may just want to evaluate their overall exercise regime.

No matter what your starting running point is, your first training tip is don’t just run everyday. In order to prevent injuries, your exercise week must also consist of weight lifting and some cardio or cross fit training. In order to gain distance on your run, you must remain injury free. Training the other muscles in Read the rest of this entry »


Running Apparel. Does it Really Help?

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Many people wonder if they need proper running apparel in order to get the best results. The answer to that question is a resounding yes. The first part that you need to get down is the running shoes. If you don’t have a pair of comfortable running shoes, then everything else is meaningless. Go to a real store where they can measure the size and shape of your foot to give you the best shoe options. Once you have a quality pair of running shoes, you can Read the rest of this entry »


The Best Shoes for Treadmill Training

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Getting your body in good condition requires discipline and dedication. You must also learn about nutrition and how it affects your health. Your nutrition needs are different when you are working out. You will need more high-quality foods that your body can easily convert into energy. Increasing your protein will help you gain muscle. Your body also needs high-quality carbohydrates in order to burn energy more efficiently. If you don’t have enough carbohydrates, your body will result to burning protein. This can Read the rest of this entry »


The Best Shoes for Outdoor Training

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Finding the best shoes for outdoor training can greatly impact your success. It is vitally important to get the proper equipment to allow you to pursue your choice of exercise. Finding the right shoe for the type of running you practice is imperative. Here are some things to check out when looking for a new athletic shoe.

How much stability do you need? Determine the terrain you will be running on will allow you to properly evaluate the type of shoe you will need. For example, if running Read the rest of this entry »


Treadmill Training or Outdoor Running? Which is Best?

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As many people are beginning to learn how to run on a consistent basis, a lot of them do not understand the difference between running on a treadmill and running outdoors. Whether you are an experienced runner or just a beginner, you will definitely benefit from learning about both forms of running.

Treadmill Running

Though running on the treadmill can be boring for some, it can actually be quite entertaining for others. I have seen people run on the treadmill Read the rest of this entry »


Training Tips For The Best Run

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Running is a great exercise that can benefit your mind and body in several ways. Though it seems easy to do, there is actually a lot to learn and to consider to improve your performance and your times.

If you’re looking for training tips to do your best run yet, here are some to consider.

Train daily: In order to get better at running, it’s something you much work at constantly. Training each day even if it’s for a short amount of time can really benefit you.

Hydrate: To perform at your best, you must hydrate Read the rest of this entry »


Running For Your Life… The Health Benefits of Running

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Staying in shape can be very challenging to do if you have a full time job and a kid to take care of. You might not have time to make it to work in the morning or after work. Running around the block a few times can be a good effective workout. One reason why is because it burns calories which reduces fat. A couple laps around the block can make a real noticeable difference in about two weeks. Running can also increase your stamina. A good stamina can help you Read the rest of this entry »


Tips for a Running Novice

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There are a lot of great running movies on Direct TV (Prefontaine, anyone?) but if you really want to live the sport you’ve got to get out there and try it. If you’re new to running or just getting started here are a few tips for success:
Start small: Don’t get discouraged when you can’t run a half right out of the gate – just set small goals and try to meet them. This can be running a full mile or even running for a certain number of Read the rest of this entry »


Training Ideas to Speed Up Your Mile

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Everyone has asked at on time or another is there anything that I can do to that will help me run faster. Your in luck, you can increase your running speed with a little knowledge and training. It must be nice to know that just because you run slow you have to remain that way? In fact there are several ways and techniques that you can use to improve your running. The ways to train are listed below.

After training for your mile find a flat way Read the rest of this entry »


Running on Empty…Fueling Up For The Big Race

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A well-trained athlete has about 2 hours of aerobic running before his or her glycogen reserves run out. Afterwards, the runner has to metabolize fats. This is more difficult for men than women, and gives rise to what is frequently called by marathon runners as “hitting the wall”. It is rather important, then, to adapt your training and diet to be able to complete the course to the best of your ability. Several decades ago, it was popular Read the rest of this entry »