8 Walking, Running, Workout Shoes For You

Nike View ll NS Men’s Walking Shoes

Cool features:

* Anatomically shaped removable sock liner fits the natural shape of the bottom of the foot, providing better contact with the foot for cushioning, stability, and a more comfortable fit.

* Large air units in both forefoot and heel for cushioning and shock absorption make heel strikes and toe-offs more comfortable.

* Flexible forefoot makes toe-offs more powerful, so you get the most from every stride.

* Durable polyurethane foam midsole absorbs shock and provides long-lasting cushioning.

Best for: N or R; S-C or C

Sizes: men and women–medium and wide widths

Colors: white/lawn-obsidian; white/lake blue-midnight navy

Phone/Web site: US, 800-352-NIKE (6453); Canada, 800-663-NIKE (6453); www.nike.com/participate

Nike MEN’S Air Max Supreme 3 Running Shoes

Cool features:

* Soft midsole filled with millions of nitrogen microbubbles offers good shock absorption in the heel and forefoot, where you need it most.

* New, wider base for added stability.

* Superior flexibility–great if you walk fast.

Best for: N or R; S-C or C

Sizes: women–medium and wide widths

Colors: white/navy/silver; white/purple/ silver; white/china green/silver

Phone: 800-EASY242 (327-9242)


Cool features:

* Great cushioning; ambient air moves from the heel to the forefoot as you walk to provide cushioning when and where you need it.

* Provides rear foot support, keeping your feet stable and helping to prevent mild overpronation.

* Beveled-heel design allows your heel to hit the ground more smoothly and enhance your stride,

Best for: N or R; S-C or C

Sizes: men and women–regular and wide widths

Colors: white/navy; white/mercury gray

Phone/Web site: 800-648-5550; www.reebok.com


Cool features:

* Unbeatable selection of sizes and widths.

* Strike path through center of shoe follows the roll of the foot from heel strike to toe-off.

* Stability, support, and cushioning–great for frequent, fast-paced walkers.

* Outsoles provide shock absorption.

Best for: N or F; S or S-C

Sizes: men and women–four widths

Colors: women–white/navy/powder blue; men–white/navy; gray/yellow

Phone/Web site: US, 800-253-SHOE (7463); Canada, toll-free 888-265-7463; www.newbalance.com

Globe Men’s Encore Skateboard Shoe

Cool features:

* Lacing system starts underneath the shoe, creating a “cinch” for a more comfortable fit.

* Lightweight and shaped more like a running shoe; allows you to keep a fast pace.

* Nitrogen in the heel and forefoot absorbs the shock of heel strikes and makes toe-offs easier.

* Superior quality removable foam sock liner contours to your foot for added comfort.

Best for: N or R; S-C or C

Sizes: women–medium width

Colors: white/brody blue/aqua; white/eve sea/smog gray

Phone/Web site: toll-free 888-834RYKA (7952); www.ryka.com

SAUCONY GRID Motion (Motion 2 for women)

Cool features:

* Roomy toe box–ideal if you have wide feet or bunions.

* Midfoot bridge adds support as foot transitions from heel to toe. Great heel support makes heel strikes more comfortable and stable.

* Reinforced, soft heel grid–a plus if you have heel spurs; puts less pressure on sore spots.

Best for: N; S-C

Sizes: women–narrow, medium, and wide widths; men–medium and wide widths

Colors: white/navy

Phone/Web site: US, 800-365-7282; Canada, toll-free 888-203-8118; www.saucony.com


Cool features:

* Beveled heel design cushions heel strikes.

* Firm foam arch support protects against overpronation.

* Torsion bar allows the heel and forefoot of the shoe to work independently– great for fast walkers.

* Forefoot has flex grooves, making it easier to bend your foot and adding power to toe-offs.

Best for: N or F; S-C or S

Sizes: men and women–medium width (runs wide)

Colors: New colors: women–white/lone blue/light blue/chrome; new navy/ white/chrome/majestic; men–white/blue/black/ pampas; new navy/ ivy/chrome

Phone/Web site: 800-448-1796; www.adidas.com

ASICS GEL-Tech Walker

Cool features:

* Lightweight cushioning makes fast walking easier.

* Midfoot-support system supports the arch, reduces the shoe’s weight, and helps prevent overpronation.

* Rearfoot gel absorbs the shock of heel strikes for racewalkers or fast-paced walking.

Best for: N or F; S-C or S

Sizes: women–medium width

Colors: white/liquid silver/Bermuda green; white/new navy/deep periwinkle; white/midnight/silver

Phone/Web site: US, 800-678-9435; www.asicstiger.com (Check the US Web site for Canadian phone numbers.)


To ensure comfort, saunter around the block in your new walking shoes before you buy them. Most shoe stores will be happy to accommodate moderate your request.

Choose a shoe that allows your toes to spread out for stability and push-off.

Pain on the top of your foot? Lace your shoes so the shoestrings are parallel at the pain point, not crisscrossed. This will alleviate pressure on the top of your feet.


HEEL STRIKE: the point where the foot hits the ground

OVERPRONATION: when the ankle rolls in over the arch, putting all the weight on the arch

POLYURETHANE (PU): a foam used in some walking shoes that offers durability and stability

SOCK LINER: the insert that cushions the foot from both the shoe’s midsole and the stitching necessary to hold the shoe together

TOE BOX: the front of the shoe that encloses the toes

TOE-OFF: the power phase of walking (when the heel has lifted and all the weight is on the forefoot) before pushing off

Maggie Spilner is walking editor, director of the Prevention Walking Club, and editor of the Prevention Walking Club Newsletter

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