Baseball Basics and how it Works


Newcomers and also those more experienced followers need to understand how baseball works, know what the basics of the game are and be familiar with the explanations and details of the finer points of the game.

We all know that baseball is a game played with a bat, ball and glove but the fundamentals of the game involve many things. The three primary actions there are done by:

  1. Throwing the ball
  2. Hitting the ball
  3. Catching the ball.

The execution of these three challenging tasks is not as easy as you see the team playing the game for it engage more complex game implementation. In this article, you will receive some explanation about the complex game of baseball, review the rules and equipment used and feel the battle in the baseball field yourself.

Baseball Rules

The formats of the game baseball have been in place until the modern era since it was known widely way back in 1744. Baseball is a game predominantly big in some big countries such as North America, Canada, and Japan which has been played worldwide by the same rules and game objects.

To score more runs than the opponent is what the object of the game. A run can be completed when you hit the ball thrown at you as far as you can before running and reach at least four bases. Once the player gets around four bases and returns to home plate safely, this is the time another batter comes in and hit the ball just like what the first player did.


You can get a score when you first strike the ball as far as you can and make it around all four bases before the fielding team catch the ball and throw it into the base the batter or the hitter is running to. In case the ball was caught and thrown into the base and you’re not making around yet, of course, there is no room for a score for it. A mandatory point can be scored by a player if they hit a home run which requires the ball to leave.

A player has the right to stop at any base if they feel they might not make the next base to avoid tagging out. Multiple score points can be scored by players even just for one hit if there are two or more players reach already on one of the bases. Bases are loaded when there is a player in every base then. Scores will only depend on how many players get around to home plate without being tagged out. Commonly, there is a maximum of four points in just one hit.


A baseball game is played out between two teams. Each team composes of nine players. The game is done with nine innings together with each team batting and fielding just once in each innings. At the end of the innings, scores of the players are added to a cumulative score. The team who got the most points wins.

The game should be played carefully and alertly because each team has three outs per innings. The innings can be broken down into the top and the bottom.


The main and most common thing found in the baseball field is the bats. They are made out of wood, aluminum or metal. Baseball games need to have the best bats for softball to make the play last hassle-free. The ball is commonly white with red stitching and roughly has a diameter of three inches. The fielding team wears an oversized glove to catch and pick the ball. The catcher also wears extra padding in their glove together with leg guards, body pad as well as a helmet.

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