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Fitness Myths Exposed! Questions and Answers – Part 2

Myth: “No pain, no gain! If I don’t feel sore the next day, I haven’t exercised enough.” Truth: When first starting an exercise program,

Fitness Myths Exposed! Questions and Answers – Part 1

In his sophomore year of high school, Jim Labadie began lifting weights to get ready for the football season. “I trained my butt off

Tips to Use Sports Equipment Effectively

There are many types of sports ranging from ones with highly intense movements like tennis and running to ones with slower activities like golf.

8 Walking, Running, Workout Shoes For You

Nike View ll NS Men’s Walking Shoes Cool features: * Anatomically shaped removable sock liner fits the natural shape of the bottom of the

Choose the Right Shoe for You! Walking, Work Out, Running, Even Cycling…

Prevention’s easy, three-step guide helps you walk longer and stronger The easiest way to energize your walks is with a new pair of walking

10 Commandments of Healthy Running And Shoes ( Second Section with 5 Commandments, Finish)

6. Avoid Hills Before anyone accuses me of being a wimp, I plead guilty. But if staying off the hills preserves my body for another

10 Commandments of Healthy Running And Shoes ( First Section with 5 Commandments)

Introduction After 25 years of running, often troubled by injuries, the author has devised a routine that keeps him healthy, happy and running without

From Your Shoes To Your Lifting Straps, Here’s What To Wear For Maximum Performance In The Gym

Baseball players don caps, spiked shoes and gloves. Basketball players sport tank tops, oversized shorts and sneakers more fashion statement than functional. As for