The Surly Long Haul Trucker Reviews


Riding a bike provides many benefits to the riders such as it could improve the riders’ mental and physical health. It is also a good opportunity to create a sense of achievement. Last but not least, it helps the riders to save money and be environmental friendly. You can

Biking is a very efficient method to go to work and if you can buy the best road bike for beginners, it will send you off to a good start. If you see post about the benefits of biking, you will know that biking is very good for camping as it offers a very green way to get back to the nature.

Surly Long Haul trucker bike

Have you ever wanted to go on a bike trip and you can take all the camping equipment with you on this bike? If you go on a tour and you can pack all the stuff with you? How convenient that is? It seems to be every biker’s dream. While most of the normal bike can help you when you go on a biking trip and want to put everything you need in it, there are certain bikes that are specialized in doing that and make packing easier. Surly long haul trucker bike is one of these bikes.

In this article, I will provide more information about what this trucker bike could do as well as its pros and cons.

What the Surly Long Haul trucker bike could do?

Its use:

This bike is a type of bike that is made specifically for touring and camping. As its name suggest, it is also a kind of trucker which you can use to put your stuff in such as groceries and other personal items. If you look for a bike to carry all your personal belongings on a long run, this is the bike you are looking for.

Its design: its design

  • The frame and forks are made from stainless steel. The steel is made with the highest quality.
  • The look of the bike is very bold, sharp and clean.
  • 26” wheel option and frames of 56 cm. Different frame sizes could fit to same wheel sizes.
  • Additional features on this bike include bracket, headset, seat post, spoke holder.
  • You can buy this bike as a complete bike or separate parts so you can build it on your own.
  • There are not so many options for colors.

Its pros:

  • Because the material is steel, it will provide you the toughness and durability. This is very useful when you have to go for a long ride.
  • The bike features a very high level of resistance as it will be very strong as well as smooth any obstacle it may encounter on the way.
  • Besides being strong and durable, this bike has great capacity of carrying heavy load. Thanks to the very lengthy chain, you can put a lot of your stuff in this bike and still have a very stable and sturdy ride.
  • This trucker bike is also very comfortable with the seat fits any size so you could ride all day without feeling hurtful.
  • There are various choices of tires that you could fit into the bike. Depend on the types of road you are going in, you can plug in the types of tires that are suitable the most. For example, if the road you are going into is very bumpy and rough, you can consider big tires with greater support for grips and comfort.
  • You can go with both of the cantilever brakes and v-brakes.
  • With this bike, you are able to hold a very straight and smooth vertical line. You do not need to keep focusing the bike’s bars to keep it running still. It is also very easy to make turn with this bike.

With this bike, you sure will have a very great and smooth ride.its disadvantage

Its disadvantages:

  • Besides the fact that it has many great benefits, there are certain flaws in this product.
  • As mentioned before, the product has only a limited option for colors. After all, this bike focuses on quality instead of fashion. Therefore, the design is very basic.
  • The dis brake option is not sufficient. Although the problem is less severe when you go for bike touring in developed countries like in America or European countries, you should pay more attention when you have to go for bike touring in less developed countries like in Asia or South American countries. In these countries, you cannot go for extra available parts.
  • Furthermore, thanks to its stability even when it carries a lot of weight on its own, you can still hold tight. However, there is a problem rising from it. Even when there is no weight on this trucker bike, you cannot speed the bike up much. Put it in another way, it is not a fast car.

The Surly Long Haul Trucker offers many advantages. It is very durable and strong. It can carry many items with it while still keeping a stable and smooth ride for you. It only has a small problem with a brake option as well as color option. This bike is not a fast bike either. Therefore, if you want to have a trucker bike with a strong and sturdy performance, especially for camping and touring, this type of bike is one of the best options you could have on the market now. It sure will serve all your expectation.

Nick Soros has been tried many different road bikes and become an cycling enthusiast for a 10 years. He collected many top and affordable road bikes on the market that can help you choose the most suitable one. They’re basing your budget as well as your demand. So it would be useful if you check his informative advice before give your final decision. Not only for first riders, but experienced ones.

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