What Should We Do and Don’t with A Vacuum Sealer?

There are some usages of the vacuum sealer I gather below after reading the vacuum sealer reviews for home. Now you can know clearly about what you can do and what you should not do with the vacuum sealer. I have listed out some of things that you should pay attention on when you own a vacuum sealer at home. You can follow these tips in order to have better usage of the vacuum seal machine. Let’s check it out now.

Can we preserve the tomatoes by vacuum sealer?

Of course! you can pre – freeze the whole tomato with the vacuum sealer and preserve it in the freezer. However, when you preserve the whole tomato, its texture can be changed and it will become limp when you thaw it. Therefore, I do not recommend you to store the whole fresh tomato by the vacuum seal and store it in the fridge or on the pantry. You can preserve the tomato in the fridge if the tomato is processes to other products .

Can we vacuum package the cooked food?

Yes, we already have the exception of tomato above. You should leave the cooked foods in the room temperature or cool down before you vacuum and seal it so that the risk of growth bacterial will be removed.

Is there any food I should not vacuum and seal?

Yes, there are some kinds of food you should not vacuum and seal. You should not vacuum and seal mushrooms, soft cheese, or garlic.

Can the berry be vacuum and seal without crushing it?

First of all, you need to wash the berry clearly and let it dry thoroughly. In order to pre – freeze the berry, you place the berry on the cookie sheet. Then, you put it in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Now, you can vacuum and seal the berry without crushing it. In order to preserve the fresh berry in the fridge, you can pour it into the foodsaver and vacuum seal it. By this way, the berry will be stay longer to one week or even more.

Can we vacuum and seal the mushrooms?

No. You do not recommend you to vacuum and seal the mushrooms.

Can we vacuum and seal the frozen food?

Yes, you can. However, you should pay attention to the sharp edges of the frozen food as it may cause some punctures in your bags. To avoid the puncture, you should place the paper towel on the sharp edge to cover it, then, you vacuum and seal this bag. One advantage of the paper towel is that it can not change the texture and taste of the frozen food.

Can we vacuum and seal the celery before letting it frozen?

No, you should not. As this vegetable contains a huge source of water, I recommend you should not freeze it Instead of that, you should wash this vegetable and let it dry thoroughly. You vacuum and pack it in the canisters, then. you store it in the fridge until needed. By this way, this vegetable will last for 6 weeks with this manner.

Why the certain vegetables can not be vacuum and seal?

Some types of Cruciferous vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts expands the gases when you store this vegetable. The bag will be expanded by this gas and the vegetables will be bad. The best method to preserve these vegetables is that you should blanch it first, then let it cool and dry, vacuum seal and freeze.

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